Should I get a new TV?

     We often times get asked this question by customers who have seen the latest offering in the big box stores. How do we respond? Well it depends.

   Why do you want to upgrade? This is our first question. Is there something wrong with you current TV? How do you watch most of your content? Do you watch more TV or Movies? The answer to these questions helps narrow things down quite a bit. For instance, if you watch mostly movies in a theater room and your TV has no HDMI inputs its probably time for an upgrade. 

     "I need a smart TV." The only truly convenient feature in a smart TV we find useful is automatic firmware upgrades which help the TV stay up-to-date. Other than that, an Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Roku, will turn almost any regular TV into a "smart TV" giving you access to online streaming services and much more. If the TV is part of a home theater system, we often recommend that it be used just as a display, and we normally turn off any "smart" features. Think about it; in a home theater setting the only thing the TV does is provide picture. There are many issues that ensue when the TV tries to control different devices through HDMI or when streaming through the TV's built in apps which often times do not support advanced surround sound. 

     "I need 4K." If your starting fresh with a new system then why not go 4K? The costs have come down considerably and the picture quality can be stunning. However, there are many factors that play a part in deciding whether or not to upgrade an existing 1080p HD TV to a 4K model. There is not, at the moment, a large variety of content available in 4K. And resolution is not the only spec to a good picture quality.