Not all TV mounts are created equal

     We have often been asked to install a TV on a mount a customer purchased online somewhere (usually Amazon). Often times these mounts are very cheap in every sense of the word. So what makes these mounts inferior to your mainstream mounts? Lets discuss that.

     Materials: In an effort to provide a cheaper product while still maintaining a profit margin for the manufacturer, inferior materials are used. Normally a very thin gauge steel is used on cheap mounts that allows for a lot of twisting and/or bending of both the wall bracket and the tv brackets. Basically these mounts are disposable and can never be re-used because of severe warping or bent brackets. 

     Design: Some of the mounts found online are copies of mounts made by reputable companies, but this is often not the case. Many mounts are 2-piece, meaning the wall braket must first be bolted together then mounted to the wall. This saves on shipping for the manufacturer due to a smaller box size. However, these mounts are incredibly difficult to level since the two pieces rarely line up properly. Of even more concern is the fact that many knock-off discount mounts lack stops on the end of the rails that are mounted to the wall, meaning that you could just push the TV until it slides and falls off the wall. Have kids? Enough said.

     Hardware: This is a frustrating thing for the installer. A professional, reputable mount will come with a variety of hardware and spacers to properly secure the TV mounting brackets to the back of the TV. Most all discount mounts come with very limited hardware that doesn't allow you to properly secure the TV. In some cases the screws are too short and don't thread into the TV far enough. In other cases the bolts are so long that many spacers are needed, thus pushing the TV away from the wall and leaving an unsightly gap. 

     Conclusion: Proper TV installation takes some time, patience, a good mount and the proper tools to get it right. Getting it secure and perfectly level are just part of the equation. Retrofitting HDMI, optical and/or power outlets to make for a clean install further adds to the complexity. With the right tools, some patience and the help of a friend, an ambitious DIY'er can tackle it themselves. Should you ever need our help just give us a call. We can often times professionally install your TV while providing a high quality mount and cable concealment for little more than you would pay for just a quality mount.